you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life


It is quite distressing to see how many people buy in to the idea that tsa security measures are enhancing “security”. They believe that they are sacrificing a little liberty for safety. A ma jor problem with this is what a narrow part of their lives they securing. Given locked and armed cockpits the most damage a terrorist could do would be to kill the small number og people on a plane. Given that, why bother with an airplane? A bus or line at disneyland would do. (Please note that the wtc was an unexpected dissaster. It is not possible for anyone to have predicted that the towers woukd have collapsed. And oh yeah, locked cockpits.). So no, we can pretty much do away with security at airports ( bomb sniffing dogs probably give a good roi), we are nit made safer even with x-raying carry ons.


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