you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life


As The Mouth says.

There is a world of difference between having the opportunity to improve one’s circumstances, and having those “improvements” forced on you or being defrauded.

Specifically, working in a “sweatshop” of your own free will*, to improve your situation, is not the same as being tricked into slavery.

*Those who argue that being the only option for improvement forces people to work for a sweatshop and is therefor slavery are missing a crucial element. Force. If I am offered a million dollars to have my naked picture taken, am I forced to do so because I have no job skills to pay for a house otherwise? No, it is an opportunity to improve my circumstances that I may choose or not. If I feel that there is no other way to make the money and I want to buy the house, I will choose to have my picture taken if I decide that that is better than exposing my bare flesh to the world. This is different from being offered a million, being raped in a pornography shoot, not getting payed and forced to do this as long as my body will hold up. On the one side, opportunity, on the other, fraud and slavery.


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