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This article is fascinating. The factual reporting is disturbing, the focus and conjecture is strange. The first half of the article focuses on the legal differences between Dubai and the western world. Prison sentences for unpaid debt, and restitution for injured people. People living in utter extravagance and willfully ignorant of the slavery going on. Wait. WTF? Slavery? Somehow the article isn’t called “Dubai, playground for the wealthy, runs on slave power.” Somehow this Dubai experience is summed up with

Dubai is Market Fundamentalist Globalisation in One City.

Again, WTF? I wasn’t aware that free markets approved of trapping people in a foreign country (or any country for that matter), refusing them wages, and ignoring contracts. In fact most “free marketers” would agree that sound contracts are at least part of the foundation of a free economy. I don’t understand how you can look at human atrocities and decide that the fault is that of the economic system. I had the disturbing sense that the writer was as horrified by the extravagance as by the slavery aspect. This attitude is disgusting, but not as bad as the people who live there and support the system of involuntary servitude.


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  1. Poverty is the free market’s fault, and so is too much affluence. Ditto for the scourge of slavery and people who are “too individualistic,” that is, too free. There’s no winning with leftist anti-capitalist journalists. Some of them, like Hari, may do good work exposing abuses, but turn around and blame them all on the “free market.” I suppose the U.S. torture of suspected terrorists is also the fault of our “market fundamentalist” attitude.

    April 20, 2009 at 7:54 pm

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