you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life


According to Richard Metzger at Boing-Boing

brought back long-forgotten memories. When I was younger, I considered myself a staunch socialist, but as I got older that way of identifying myself fell away. After the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the Soviet Union, it seemed like Marxism was something that the world had moved on from and so did I. During the dotcom era, I was as greedy a capitalist as the next guy. Five years ago, slimming my library down for a cross country move, I unemotionally tossed all of my “Karl Marx and related” books. Boy do I regret doing this now!

I can understand regretting the loss of books. Nothing else here is reasonable. If I may summarize, “when I was poor, I was a marxist, when I was rich, a capitalist, and when poor again, a marxist again”. Note that his abandonment of Marx was because “the world had moved on” so now he’s going back because the world is leaning that way again. Herd behavior.


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