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The Radical Libertarian asks

Seriously, why does the USA want universal healthcare?

h/t to Strike the Root

I have an answer, and it’s the same reason people want taxes on the rich and other “redistribution”. Not to get too Ayn Randy, but they want it, not because it will improve health care, but because it will equalize health care. In their gut, they would rather we all be worse off and more the same, than be universally better off but different. Their politicians have the same view, they just see themselves as more equal.


One response

  1. If we universalized health care outcomes in, say, the 1900s, we’d all be stuck at a life expectancy of less than fifty years. I’m continually struck by the essential conservatism of people across the board, regardless of political affiliation. They can’t imagine that there will be unforeseen innovations in healthcare, longevity, and public health in the future, and they credit whatever innovations come about to government mandates for equality.

    March 13, 2009 at 6:42 am

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