you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life

THE “HANGOVER” (a little more rambling than usual)

It’s interesting to see Keynesians scoff with the term “hangover”. In my own recent field of employment, we are seeing an interesting thing happen. Those building contractors who were previously building McMansions and remodels with abandon are now offering all kinds of repair and improvement services. Is it a “hangover” when people who were making new, low quality things, with abandon suddenly move to maintaining the value and reliability of older things? Probably there is some reasoning that says that long term value and use is undesirable. Being able to rely on a product and spending your time doing something other than buying replacements certainly doesn’t have value I’m sure. Consumption is key, not efficiency…

Human desire is boundless. We will always want more and better. Efficiencies allow us to actually do that. Reallocating resources is a big part of being efficient. If we could anticipate every possible need, then a command economy (remember hearing how bad those were in high school? Socialism/communism haven’t changed.) might have a chance of working. Since that isn’t possible every so often we have to change our focus from what we thought was working.


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