you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life


People who want drugs can get them, regardless of their legality so what is the benefit of being illegal? If people are being prohibited from drugs for their own protection than why are they being pushed into the position of entering potentially deadly scenarios in order to get their drugs? Is it better that they risk being killed in the purchase process, than the risks of the drugs? And if the drugs were available in a safe, competitive environment, where purity and (relative) safety were products of the marketplace, wouldn’t people be better off? Don’t say that people will use drugs at work and endanger people. Being illegal in the first place makes it more likely that the employee will use drugs on the job versus not. Alcohol is your case study on this. And speaking of alcohol as a case study, yes alcohol use went up right after prohibition but declined after that. There are not hordes of people just waiting for drugs to be decriminalized so that they can become crack whores.


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