you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, it’ll change your life


Title stolen from the Krugman post of the same name.

There’s so much to like about where Obama is going — health care, transparency in government, ending the war in Iraq. And the stimulus bill is OK, though not big enough

He goes on to say that Obama is saying good things with regard to banks, but what he is actually doing is not keeping up. He is critical of this one area but doesn’t see that it is true in these other areas? Please Mr. Krugman, if you are going to be analytical in one area, try to be so in the others. Lip service is not action even when it’s not in your field of study.

And oh yeah, HOW MUCH FREAKING MONEY DOES KRUGMAN THINK THE “STIMULUS” SHOULD BE? At what point does the cost of “stimulation” yield negative returns in his mind?


One response

  1. Christ. He’s an economist, and a Nobel Prize-winning one at that. No wonder I equate lack of mainstream success with integrity and intelligence.

    March 2, 2009 at 8:50 pm

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